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Proximity Switches
Inductive / Capacity Proximity Switches  
Hotage produces an extensive range of proximit swiches of dierent sensing distance and diameters available for wider choice. Proximity switches are made to be compatible to all type of load used in industries today including relays, PLC, elecronic circuits, inductors etc.

Photo Electric Sensor :
Available in cylindrical/square shape in supply voltage: 10-30V DC or 24 to 265V AC/DC. Ranges: 100mm to 40000mm with diffuse / through beam / retro-reflection / fibre optic type.

Outputs: PNP/ NPN / Relay with light on / Dark on contacts. 
The dierent diameters of proximity switches are detail below :  
SIZE M-6.5 M-8 M-12 M-18 M-24 M-30
DISTANCE 1.5mm 2mm 4mm 8mm 15mm 20mm
INPUT SUPPLY 10 to 35VDC/85 to 265VAC With Conact
Pharmaceutical & Packaging Industries
Plating Industries
Refrigeration & Oven Industries
Industrial Heaters
Plastic Industries
Zipper Industries
Proximity Switches
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